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DAY 1: Arrive at the international airport of Bamako, and transfer to the           hotel and sleep

DAY 2:
Visit of the big town of Bamako (the big market, the “marché Rose”, the national museum and the hill of Koulouba where the President of the republic lives) and spend the night in the hotel
DAY 3: 
After break fast, leave Bamako in 4x4 or in mini bus to go to sleep in the Kanaga hotel of Mopti
DAY 4:
Town visit: the town of Mopti is famous for its ship’s boat on the river Niger, the rummaging of the harbor and the pottery of the women of the town. Discover also the town of multiple colors where the Fulany and the Bozo people are mixed, discover also the markets and mosques.
The afternoon: excursion in pirogues on the Niger and Bani river to visit small Bozo, Fulany and Somono surrounding villages. Late in the after noon get back for diner and sleep in Kanaga hotel.


Come to discover the history of people that removes from the civilization to fold up it self in the cliffs and mountains. Discover also former times entering into the life of Tellems, first inhabitants of these cliffs before the DOGON PEOPLE whose traces are still reproduced on the partition walls of the cliffs. At last, Dogon country is an excellent place for trekking.
DAY 5: 
Early in the morning, leave Mopti for Sangha, passing through Bandiagara. Lunch in Sangha and relax, then the afternoon visit the village and leave Sangha to walk down to Banani, where we gonna spend our first night in the Dogon land.

DAY 6: 
After breakfast, visit the village of Banani and leave to visit Neni on the way to Ibi where we will have lunch and relax. Afternoon continue to Youga Na and sleep there.

DAY 7: 
Leave Youga Na after breakfast for Youga Piri for lunch and visit the village. Afternoon, leave Youga Piri still trekking to Yendouma for dinner and sleep.

DAY 8: 
After breakfast, leave Yendouma in 4x4 and go back to sleep in the Campement of Djenne.

DJENNE, twin sister of Timbuktu, figures among the oldest town founded in Africa. The history of its creation makes it a mythical town. It is famous for it’s architectural style, the beauty and availability of its roads.

DAY 9: 
Visit of the town of Djenne and the big mosque classified world patrimony by UNESCO.
DAY 10: 
Monday is the market day of Djenne and the most important day and we’ll visit the crowded market mixed by Bozo, Fulany, Somono and Dogon people. Then we’ll visit some ancient sites such as: Djenne-Djeno, the first settlement of Djenne. Back to the Campement hotel then leave Djenne for Mopti. Relax for few hours and leave Mopti also in pinasse (pirogue with motors) continuing to go to sleep in Guidjo, a small village near Debo lake.

DAY 11: 
Visit the Debo lake and possibility of seeing some hyppos, after pass and continue to Niafunke, the town of Malian Jazz singer Aly Farka TOURE to sleep in his Campement enjoying his music.

DAY 12: 
Leave Niafunke early after breakfast still by pinasse for Timbuktu where for the very first time you could celebrate the night of December 31 on the desert of Timbuktu with traditional Tuareg artists.


Timbuktu, city of the 333 saints, mythical town which has crossed centuries. Let yourself guided by the magic of the Name, the ancient arab manuscripts, the mosque of Djingarei Ber built in the XIV century.

DAY 13: 
We will visit the town of the 333 saints in the morning, the big mosque Djingarey Ber, the cultural center Ahmed Baba, where are kept the ancient arab manuscripts.
The afternoon, we will ballad on camels around Timbuktu to spend the night on the desert in one of the Tuareg camps

DAY 14: 
Early in the morning, back to the town of Timbuktu and depart for Mopti in 4x4 and rest a little bit then continue to sleep in Segou, capital of Bambara kingdom.

DAY 15: 
Depart for Bamako and finally the shopping of last souvenirs of Mali. Rest in your hotel and in the afternoon, depart for the airport for your flight back to Europe.

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